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Check out: On-Line Casino of the Month. It has always been a challenge to come up with a system, which would beat the Zumma tester book: 72 Days at the Baccarat Table by Erick St. Germain, which has shoes containing exactly 41, decisions. A bankroll of units were required. An even tougher challenge is to beat Zumma using nothing but flat bets. Very few systems may have achieved this.

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How about a system, which would beat the Zumma tester book, starting with only 1 chip to bet, using only flat bets, that is betting nothing more than 1 unit and not needing any more than 1 chip throughout the entire shoes and replicating that chip 27 times in winnings. Why secret?

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Because it needs a secret formula to obtain those results without needing more than 1 chip overall. Hard to believe? But I was able to achieve that after long hours of research and testing. You cannot imagine the amount of experimentation that took to find that secret formula. Just to name a few examples, take the bet selection, for instance, which follows the last decision, that is if Banker, then bet Banker, if Player, then bet Player. By the end of the Zumma shoes, this bet selection loses exactly Take another bet selection example, such as to bet on the opposite of the last decision, that is if the last decision was Banker, then bet next on Player, if the last decision was Player, then bet on Banker.

Using flat bets, this bet selection loses exactly This bet selection crashes after Zumma decisions and never recovers again. Other bet selection examples that have failed the Zumma tester book using flat bets only are: - Follow decision before the last: And many more tested ones have failed. As you can see, it is not easy to come up with a winning formula to beat the Zumma tester book with flat bets only. But, we have the privilege of witnessing one right now. The bet selection of SFBBS starts betting 1 unit flat, never loses that chip and wins continuously throughout the entire Zumma tester book, without ever being even at -1 unit in your net running total!

Now, that was Zumma only. I wasn't satisfied having beaten the Zumma book with flat bets only and with only 1 chip. I wanted to be convinced the system wins on the long run for thousands of shoes, by plugging the bet selection in my simulations. To my great satisfaction, the system held and produced positive results overall. I have been using the system quite frequently now. Since you are betting flat units, you can use this system at any level, with low budget or as a high roller.

You can play as many sessions as you want with any unit value your budget allows you. There is some tracking involved and you apply the formula the moment you encounter the right condition.

You will be amazed how well this system works. There is only one formula to remember. Therefore, the system is extremely simple to apply. The only thing you will need to worry about is not to be barred from the casino.

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You will achieve this within shoes. The profits are consistent and I haven't seen this system fail. The system comes with a page documentation, showing the results of each Zumma tester book decision, when to bet, and how it wins steadily. Two tester spreadsheets are also provided, one with the Zumma shoes and the second one with 40, random decisions. Click here to order and a download link will open immediately after your payment online.

Money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase if the system does not beat the entire Zumma tester book with flat bets of 1 unit only and without needing more than 1 unit to do so. Q: What is the bankroll needed to play this system? A: Your session bankroll is not more than 10 units.

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Should you lose those 10 units, that ends the session. Should you lose the 10 units up front, that's the end of the usage of this system. That's why 10 units is the lifetime bankroll you will ever need. If when you are up by units, there could be cases of losing the 10 units session bankroll, but they are rare. So, the most you could lose with this system is 10 units and the winnings are open ended. I am currently looking for a good flat bet system, but I do not play Baccarat. If yes, how far have you tested on those games?

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A: SFBBS is applicable to all games with even bets, particularly Roulette, where you can play on all even bets simultaneously. Extensively tested on simulators, that are provided with the system. Q: Izak, in your testing how often did you have a "session" that lasted longer than one shoe? Putting it another way, can you provide an average number of decisions in which you will gain one unit, using this system?

Another question: If a session does take longer than one shoe, must the continued shoe or shoes be played one after the other, or can there be breaks in one's play? A: One session may last longer than 1 shoe, but this is during the unusual circumstances.

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Normally, one places at least bets during one shoe and the session ends within a maximum of 2 shoes. At times, the session ends after 1 bet within 5 decisions. At times it lasts a couple of shoes. It's hard to establish an average, unless one plays for years. You can start tracking at any point during the shoe and you can continue tracking as though one shoe was the continuation of the previous shoe.

The Zumma shoes have been tested as though they were one huge shoe.

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