Manual Cost Estimation Techniques for Web Projects

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The most important aspects of the problem are revealed at this stage. These can be discussed in a meeting, on the phone, or via electronic communication. We prefer to have the client fill out our questionnaire and visit the office with their answers in hand.

How to Estimate Cost and Timeframe for Website Design Project

Bringing in designers, developers, and business managers into one room results in great ideas and an expanded specification document. Once preliminary requirements have been gathered, the analyst needs to process them in order to organize them and develop missing pieces.

Use cases help document functional requirements in the form of stick figures and arrows representing interactions with the system. The system itself is treated as a black box in this case.

Cost Estimation Techniques for Web Projects by Mendes, Emilia. - PDF Drive

Its internal processes are not important at this point. This method captures functional requirements only. For example, a Use case may document the process of adding a product to the cart and placing an order without going into the details of how and where the order is stored and how the funds are routed through the system.

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The essential information in an ERD should contain is all planned entities. A mind map is a graphical representation of information and ideas around a single term concept, project, etc. Major categories of items are attached to the main node, and then each of the categories is itemized until the diagram contains all important information in the shape of a giant spider.

Cost Estimation Techniques for Web Projects

Mind maps are extremely helpful in gathering important requirements from different sources, like RFP, use-cases, ERDs, email strings, phone calls and meetings, task management services, and so on. This approach captures both functional processes and non-functional usability requirements. An example of a mind map for a simple shopping cart project is below:.

Once the requirement documents are ready, the analyst can move on to the estimate itself. The proper way to build an estimate is to split the scope of work into categories and let representatives of each department work on their own parts of the estimate. For example, wireframing and design portions are estimated by the design team, prototyping—by a front-end developer, development—by an architect. The volume of work within each category is broken down into individual tasks. The single scope of work, supported by initial documents with requirements, keeps everyone on the team on the same page.

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  5. This helps minimize discrepancies in the final document. The analyst reviews the final estimate and adds time needed for QA, project management, and other supporting activities.

    Project Management Time & Cost Estimation Techniques: An Overview

    Guesstimating such small time spans will result in hours spent in the elaboration phase of the project without much benefit. In some cases for example, when using Agile , numbering matches a certain set or pattern using user points will result in numbers like 1, 2, 4, 8, and so on. For example, Microsoft uses half-days and days in its evaluation process. Some evaluations can be established empirically.

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    Some features can be estimated by adding layers of complexity to a base feature. For example, the client needs a contact us form on the site, which sends emails to the site admins. Another requirement is to let the user pick the department to receive the message — it adds another two hours to add a drop-down and sending of the value. Another two hours will be spent on extending the database, adding data entities, and populating lookup data. If the client wants the messages to be saved to the database, it will be an additional two hours. Weighted average is a value that is calculated based on optimistic, likely and pessimistic estimates.

    Standard deviation is the measure of the difference between the values in the distribution on either end and the value in the middle the average. The bigger the standard deviation, the wider the spread of the values and the bigger uncertainty. Variance is used if you are trying to get the estimate for the whole project. What you do is get the total of the estimates for all activities A to Z along the critical path. Then you take the variance for each activity, sum them up across the whole project, and take the square root to get the standard deviation for the project estimate.

    It includes time for bug fixing, code review, manual testing, and management. We can edit the development team size if needed. These calculations indicate how much time it will take for the selected team to finish off the project based on the 68—95— Know who your project is for The most significant thing is to know who your user is. Even if you still decide on the main features of the product, if you know who will use it, it will help us to suggest you the right set of functions that will satisfy your user.

    Project Estimation -- Techniques, Challenges and Best Practices

    Roughly speaking, the main problem your project solves turns into the main workflow of your application. Depending on this, our team will recommend you what features will solve this problem in the best way. Have strict requirements Without a doubt, the best scenario is when the customer comes with the list of requirements and main features.