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MH370: five years of theories about one of aviation's greatest mysteries

Click to follow The Evening Standard. The search for Malaysia Airlines MH Crew members of Chinese icebreaker Xuelong scan the sea to search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH in the area where Chinese aircraft spotted some suspicious objects in the southern Indian Ocean. College students light up candles as they pray for passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH plane in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province on 13 March This screengrab from flightradar A Chinese family member breaks down as she speaks to the media at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Artwork conveying well-wishes for passengers and crew at a viewing gallery in Kuala Lumper. Search operation: a 'credible new lead' was discovered in the hunt for missing flight MH Protest: Chinese relatives of passengers onboard the missing flight march towards the Malaysia embassy in Beijing.

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Distraught: a protester holds a placard which reads "MH, Don't let us wait too long". Hunt: members of Japan's disaster relief team wave off an aircraft as it prepares to take off at an air base near Perth to search for the missing plane.

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Search: seaman Kurt Jackson keeps watch on the forecastle of the Australian Navy ship. Discovery: Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein shows a note from the Chinese ambassador stating that they have received new satellite images of potential debris. Investigation: the object spotted in the southern Indian Ocean by Chinese satellites shown on Chinese television. Australia rushed four international aircraft to an area 1, miles southwest of Perth when analysis of satellite images identified two large objects that may have come from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH Members of Akhil Bharatiya Human Rights Organisation hold candles and placards as they take part in a candle light vigil for the passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH, in the northern Indian city of Amritsar.


An Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokesman speaks about the discovery of objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. Chinese family members of missing Malaysia Airlines MH passengers are escorted away from a media conference in Kuala Lumper.

Selemat Omar shows a picture of his son, flight engineer Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat who was onboard the missing plane. Students gather around artwork based on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH painted on a school ground in Makati. Malaysia Airlines spokesmen answer questions at a meeting with relatives of passengers in Lido Hotel, Beijing.

Flight MH370 flight 'had mystery 200lb load added to cargo list AFTER take off'

A pilot studies the map customised for search and rescue operations while hunting for MH over the waters of South China. A customer writes a well wishers note for the passengers of the missing Malaysian Airline flight MH, at a shopping mall in Malaysia. But the ATSB immediately denied that this was proof Zaharie diverted the plane on purpose, or as part of a planned murder-suicide.

It has never been confirmed whether Zaharie himself plotted the route, or whether someone else did. In , the ATSB released its most comprehensive report into the mystery. The Australian government body had been searching since , and covered , sq km. The first was the same unconscious pilot theory.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH Where Is It? - The Atlantic

However, the ATSB provided new evidence. US company Ocean Infinity searched the area for months on a no-find, no-fee contract with the Malaysian government.

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  • MH mystery: Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah made phone call to cousin?
  • Though hopes were initially high , they found nothing. They moved on even further north , then even further — all with no success. Thus the search area was located very close to where the fuel ran out which we know via satellite data. But the failure to find MH close to the fuel exhaustion point led some to argue the plane did not drop so steeply. If MH glided, it could have travelled up to km further than had been assumed — which would explain why no search has been able to find it.

    Everything is possible. This will be part of the questions for the Malaysians. The investigators expect it to take up to a year to examine the data fully.

    H owever, some experts believe a hijack by a stowaway is a possibility and the mysterious load could lend credence to the theory. The second is a hijack coming from a passenger.