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For that Id suggest to read about online repos git, etc and some version control tool git, perforce, source tree, etc. Overall, a really good investment if you want to be an apple dev. But yeah, to make a build on Mac takes me 5x times more time than to build it on PC or Android.

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It is really frustrating when you have to make a little change and rebuild it again. Joined: Aug 3, Posts: 5, Thanks for the advice! I will consider getting a Macbook borrowing from a friend or getting the Plugins.

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I have had a short look at the plugins. But there are no free Plugins for building iOS on Windows? Kaiwhitehat , Mar 7, Joined: Jan 5, Posts: How did you create the AR project for Android and what tut did you use?

Developer and designer tools introduced to iPhone application developers (Windows Phone 7) Part 1

I am wanting to do this, so just asking around. Mumford-and-Dragons , Mar 9, Mumford-and-Dragons , Mar 12, Joined: Mar 11, Posts: To answer the original question.

Intro to Windows Phone 7

Try that by borrowing a laptop for a few hours; get some experience and maybe you'd stick around the iOS insanity. Your project at this point is Universal. Then, for your Project Build Settings, obviously, instead of building for Android, you choose iOS and you open your player Settings and assign your needed output parameters. Then you Switch Platform, after success, you build it for iOS.

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It will create A folder, in which you have your Xcode Project. Find a way to email that folder to yourself and open it on a Mac with the newest Xcode possible. Things have to be specific, Xcode changes frequently, iOS firmware does too; even dedicated iOS developers have issues bridging the projects due to frequent updates.

Windows Phone 7 Could Rival Apple's IOS 4

You won't always succeed in producing an. But as long as you can sign your Xcode Project, you can send it to your iPhone manually - apps last in the phone for only ONE WEEK, then you have to sign them and load them again; you cannot resign them from the phone itself before they expire. Last edited: Apr 15, Am33r , Mar 13, Thanks for the info. Apologies but I was asking in regards to how you made you'r project for Android and if you used LeanTouch or other rotation tips with ARCore fo Android.

Mumford-and-Dragons , Mar 13, Kaiwhitehat , Mar 14, Not exactly, coding; although you may run into that later if Archiving Building the Xcode project into an. To start, and as you know: When you build the unity3d app scenes, event systems, etc.

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Then let's say you open the project in Unity, and now you want to push to produce the project for iOS. You need to already have signed up for all the things above, because as you want to use unity to create the iOS build Xcodeproj this info is needed when you switch platform, and you will be using it when you go to open the resulting Xcode project in the Xcode editor.

Then don't waste the names you create for apps, because only 3 apps can be installed under the provisioning name at a time, and only 10 ID every 7 days. New issues arise; you want to specify minimum iOS requirement. I hope you don't run into issues, but Xcode is like a ghost; a single symptom can have 20 reasons, and you go fishing for solutions in setup options lol.

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I hope your build goes well and you get an. You can load run your Xcode project into your iphone and play it without it being 'archived' into a final ipa. Either way, they only last 7 days then you have to delete them and install them again. Keep us posted. Am33r , Mar 14,